Rockstarz Foundation assists orphaned and children from child-headed households in communities Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Each of the Foundation’s beneficiaries comes from a very challenging background whereby they are mostly impoverished, orphaned, living alone or living with extended family. The Foundations commits to support the beneficiaries with all of their educational needs through to the completion of their schooling years.

The Foundation also facilitates social, economic and personal empowerment and development to the beneficiaries. We have education enabling programmes to provide school uniforms, stationery, personal hygiene packages, payment of school fees and all other relevant reading material to primary and high school learners that have been identified as beneficiaries of Rockstarz Foundation. The Foundation then facilitates post-school studies bursaries with other organisations and institutions of higher learning.

School Fees

Our beneficiaries come from impoverished households that cannot afford the burden of school fees.  Hunger is prioritized above educational expenses and as a result learners often drop out.  By paying their school fees, we eliminate one of the challenges to learners attending and staying in school.


School Uniform

We provide summer and winter school uniforms.  We also provide sporting equipment and any clothing that applies to extra-mural activities.



We provide the full list of stationery required for each beneficiary, dependent on their grade.  This includes any supplementary materials required for extra-curricular activities or to facilitate learning outcomes.


Career Guidance

Career guidance is a necessary programme that helps our beneficiaries form goals that sustain them through their schooling career.  It is currently provided by individuals who make up the team of provincial volunteers.  We often invite friends who excel in their careers to offer career guidance on an ad hoc basis. Facilitated psychometric assessments.


Mentorship and Life skills training

bullet Mentorship
Mentorship is one of the flagship programmes.  It is currently provided by individuals who make up the team of provincial volunteers. We would however like to formalise this initiative.
bullet Life skills training
Life skills training are another one of our important programmes.  It is currently provided by individuals who make up the team of provincial volunteers.  We would however like to formalise this initiative by partnering with specialists in this field.


Bursary Application Facilitation

We currently help promising learners to compile applications to tertiary institutions.  We match their career aspirations with companies providing bursaries in that field and submit applications.


Educational out-of-school activities

bullet School Holidays
We plan a variety of educational and fun activities.
bullet Themed National Holidays
We plan a variety of educational and fun activities linked to the importance of South African national holidays to educate and remind learners about our country’s rich legacy

Personal Hygiene Care Packages

Personal hygiene is a basic routine which should be followed by everyone.  It contributes greatly to self-esteem and confidence.  With the provision of hygiene items, learners have the necessary cleansing items which they don’t possess and are also encouraged to follow a hygiene regime.


Donations of clothing items are received from the Foundation’s donors and they are neatly packaged and presented to the beneficiaries’ families.


Food parcels

This service is available to and provided to our beneficiaries’ families as and when the need arises. As in most families, the family’s sometimes find themselves in rougher than usual circumstances, the Foundation then assists with relief in the form of food packages for a limited period of time.


ID and Social grant facilitation

The Foundation’s subsidiary function is to provide related services for the beneficiaries, such as food, clothing and facilitating access to social services, as provided for by the relevant government departments